Anonymous said: advice on dealing with stress?

O wow!!!!! Stress is something I am dealing with 24/7 !!!! So it is a mystery I am still trying to figure out as well !! It seems like stress is more of a self creation than anything else maybe. Of course nobody WANTS to be stressed but we also in a way, determine whether or not it exists. Unfortunately there are certain things that u have to do in life that are bad & not fun. However there are also things that u dont need to do & are probably a waste of brain space. Try yr best to elimate those from ur life. Use your thought and energy only on goals that you care about the most. Focus on one project at a time, if you can. I get very scatterbrained and end up trying to do so many different things at once that it results in nothing getting done!!! Make lists. Lists r super crucial. Use ur cell phone less and the internet less. Only the bare amount that u need it for and emergencies. Casually communicate with friends thru letters instead. I MEAN POST OFFICE PAPER MAIL LETTERS. They r more special, thoughtful, and also u dont have to always worry abt immediately getting back to ppl. Take deep breaths. Go outside!!! Meditate!!! Jump around!! Take short breaks to do things that wont require heavy thinking or any thinking at all. Get an inflatable raft and drift around in some water. Whatever seems nice 2 u. The world is not crushing you or moving faster than normal. Genuinely I think hot weather & constant sun is more stressful. Once it gets cold & gloomy things will be nicer. AT LEAST FOR ME. Always keep something to look forward to. Dont dwell on what u could have done better and trust ur gut more. Perfectionism can end up being hurtful if you take it too far. Often a small detail in something can be nervewracking, but generally ur first instinct is the best choice.Take more time to enjoy yourself & just visualize stress as a piece of paper blowing away in the breeze and into a distant tundra or desert. Message me once every 3 months and I will try to update u on my progress of figuring this out if u want. Maybe then my advice will be more useful or you will be incredibly chill & a genius. Seriously tho. Always down to get better with others!!!! Regards best wishes xx



Claude Monet / Nymphéas / c 1915

Anonymous said: any ideas for a halloween costume?

WEAR A BAT COSTUME. It is the best costume. Complete with ears & wings. Possibly carry around a baseball bat as well. Hide in the bushes. Whatever


Anonymous said: do you have any merch currently available on this small-but-not planet that is the internet?

NOT RIGHT NOW. Maybe soon though!!!! Maybe will do a repress of some crewnecks. OR POSSIBLY MAKE BRAND NEW ONES. I feel weird selling things though. I really dislike promotion and advertisement and stuff like that. It is so cringey 2 me. But making items is fun and if anyone enjoys them that is nice. I was thinking of opening an etsy and selling paintings or stickers or drawings or crafts but who knows. I only want to sell things in small quantities from now on tbh so I can send them myself and personalize them. OH top secret info but the book I’ve been working on will probably done and maybe available next week???? Thank you for asking 


Anonymous said: Dear Christian, do you ever get mad at the way some people see the English language? I mean it's beautiful but others don't understand and sometimes a door is just a door there is no hidden meaning behind it. A cloud can just be a cloud. A cellar door can just be a cellar door and that's okay because not everything needs some long drawn out reason. P.S College is the worst decision I've ever made. - Yours, Peachy.

I think about things like this often!! Well, just how to view language in general. I am very interested in words purely for the aesthetics of them sometimes. In the sense that when I am writing, I will open up a book and just try to find words that catch my eye. There is definitely a grey area however!!! You can dowse a piece of writing with intricate words but if it’s not actually conveying anything, that can be kinda sus. Simplicity is not a bad thing. It can actually leave you with more to wonder about and make you feel something heavier. THAT SAID, there is rly no way to say whats right and wrong. People see things in different ways and thats just how it is. I know ppl that enjoy language & words in the same way as me, and also know ppl who couldnt care less. English is not a conclusive thing in my opinion. Its good to stick to general guidelines, but as long as you are understandable, it’s cool to use language on your own terms. Perfect grammar is not necessary. Misspellings can actually make something better. It is good to show excitement !!!! The way u type can affect your mood and also impact those who are reading it. THE MORE FREEDOM THE BETTER. You do not need to sound like an angry dad all the time. If you prefer that, its fine, but I think ppl also feel the need to conform into boringness!!! The world is too serious in alot of ways!!!! The main point being, its fine to use english in ur own way. Do not criticize someone if they type or speak differently than you!! Not everyone is TRYING 2 BE RANDOM or something. It isn’t a sign of unintelligence either. Focus on what someone is actually saying and communicating before overlooking. I know alot of ppl make fun of the way I type but it makes things alot more enjoyable and expressive to me. No need to weigh yourself down with weird rules and standards. This prob seems like a very trivial thing to talk about, but it actually relates to alot of bigger issues. ANYWAYS this turned into a bit of rrambling and might not have even made sense or related to the original q!!! Dang!!!! Thanks for asking though. College is probably great there is a whole song about loving it, u made a great decision dont worry have fun


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